Terms and Conditions

1. Orders can be placed through our website, by email, fax, post or telephone. In order to avoid
communication errors we strongly recommend that orders be placed in writing via our website,
email or fax. We guarantee the accuracy of written orders, however, we accept no responsibility for
errors as a result of verbal miscommunication.

2. We pride ourselves on our efficient service. We endeavour to process orders on the same day
they are received. We cannot guarantee dispatch times in situations affected by circumstances
beyond our control. Once the order has been processed, any changes will be treated as a new

3. International orders will need to be confirmed before the order is processed, payment is
charged, and dispatch is made. The order will be held until the customer advises the final

4. Whilst we do not impose minimum order quantities, if items are ordered in larger quantities, we
may be able to offer a discount on some items, please phone one of our stores to discuss your

5. If any item is short delivered and has been charged for, we will be more than happy to cover the
cost of freight in resending the goods as soon as possible. Please note items are not backordered
and need to be re-ordered at the time they become available.

6. Depending on the product ordered we can offer same day Pick Ups except on prescription
items. Please provide a few hours notice before the time of collection so that your order can be
invoiced, picked, packed and ready for pick up at the time of your arrival. Pick Up hours are
between 12.00am & 4.00pm